My biggest jump yet!

Hello, I've been planning. More like creating plans. Membership plans.  Yes, I'm making access to my work more available.  This implies commitment in time, in increments of 6 months or 12 months: Reiki School for 22/a month, yes, you get full access and pay your tuition at a minimum price for a year. My workshops now available as Expansion: the Transpersonal Chakras, you heard it here first.  If you've completed Reiki School, or done any energy work on your 7 chakras, well, there's more, more to heal, more to explore, more to understand. I spent the last 6 months creating all this, and I'm so excited we get to let you in on the secrets. And as always, i'm here for your personal healing sessions, with a new business solutions option and coaching cycles. A warm welcome to my world and work, I'm so happy I get to do this everyday, thank you for being here! All my warmth,