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The Zeal Chakra

The Zeal Chakra is one of the seven transpersonal chakras I worked on demystifying.

It is not commonly talked about and so here we are with a few informations about this. You can have more in my workshop.


Where is the Zeal Chakra?


Sitting at the back of our skull, the Zeal Chakra occupies the top of our neck and the head. 

It is typically where we see all those Black Mirror episodes impose new technologies and microchip to: I often wondered why there, and that’s when I started digging into how important this area of our body is: the subconscious, is residing there.


Sub means under, the subconscious is what is invisible to the conscious, what is in the deep waters of our psyche, and it is interesting that energetically speaking, the subconscious is a chakra that is under the conscious (third eye).

The Zeal Chakra is not in the universal chart of the chakras. Chakra means turning wheel in Sanskrit. 

They are a series of radiating vortices that are felt when you are attuned to Reiki or receiving any sort of energy medicine. 

The seven chakras (from top to bottom: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra) are part of our cosmetic energy imprint: they keep our aura alive, they keep us alive. 

Attend my workshop to experience an activate this piece of your energy body.

The Sacral Chakra Month Weekly Reiki (3)

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