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You are never alone

Living with your guides

What do you mean you think you've been doing it all alone since now?

If it brings any comfort, I want to tell you something: you're surrounded.

At all times.

By people who've loved you, who love you and will continue to. They're around you to make sure you learn and make it through your karmic adventures and soul explorations.

They might be departed love ones, soul family members who didn't incarnate with you this time around, ancestors you've never met, angels, ascended masters.

When you are in need, they show you the way in serendipitous ways. Maybe you've witnessed it, maybe you haven't.

Do you want to call them and have a conversation?

They can't hear your thoughts, so let's start by voicing your worries out loud, ask them for a sign, for something that makes sense to you.

If nothing comes, tell them: this has to come another way, what you've been trying didn't connect with me.

And remember, things take time, and are subtle. Hone in on your listening skills.


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