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What is inside of the Reiki School class?

Hello everyone!

Here are a few details on my relaunch of Reiki School:

I started this class as a paced curriculum, a little bit everyday, in classrooms for 40 days, teaching the classical Usui Reiki and a few more avenues into channeling energy for healing yourself and others.

I had more than 150 students come through in the space of 19 months. It was so beautiful to be a teacher and a student through this project.

I taught. And got taught..

I have taken a break because I focused on my workshops and my own Saturn Return.

I’ve reviewed a lot of my practices and studied a lot.

Now I’m back with another paced, experiential (it’s all about the practice) and exploratory self-healing class.

It resembles Reiki School a lot, but it is fundamentally different. I’ve grown, times have changed and I have so much more to teach.

It makes me feel so full of love and humility to rewrite, reshoot, reformat the class. Right now, I’m having a blast teaching again.

I do not base this self healing class on Usui Reiki (Japanese Reiki viewed through Western practice).

The bases of reiki healing will be there. But not only.

It’s universal energy channeling, shifting, adapting. How to receive, how to offer.

It takes into account all that I learned since Reiki School in 2019.

Plus the membership includes my healing programs and workshops so that you are really focused on self-healing and receiving my healing and not only as a thing to learn and offer others.

This is an incubator to give YOU attention day after day.

We will address a lot though multiple healing modalities. This is a container to address YOUR healing through energy channeling and healing (more known as Reiki).

It’s a chance to focus and give attention to you. Everyday.

On your own terms.

At your own rhythm. (It’s a video or article lesson everyday, for a few minutes, there’s no live attendance or timezones, check in when you want.)

It is based on practice. You will give yourself daily healing sessions, like we did with Reiki School.

I want you to know you are a healer within your cells, the sound of your voice, your free will.

To be introduced to your healing abilities, to go through the waves of doubt, confirmations, resistance, bliss and start to trust your abilities, trust your intuition.

Through my classes, my students have taken life into their own hands, they have grown and become sufficient on their connection to Divine and their own divinity.

If you feel like that works with you. Consider joining us on that journey.

Open for questions!

Our next attunement is on January 4th, 2021.

And for a very very accessible price:

Right here:

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