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Third Eye Chakra: Event

Expand your third eye with me !

In the past months I've been organizing retreats and workshops with the different points in our energy field. I'm offering the third eye right now, for free: watch now:

Upcoming is the next chakra, next week: the SOUL STAR.

A whole week, together, with the development of my entire series of workshops:

I present you the Soul Star Chakra Retreat from November 19th to 25th

(Each day the video drops and you watch when you have time.

Day 3 / Saturday, Nov 21st is Live:

Your 1:1 Akashic Records Session w me)

What you can expect:

a full week of teaching and training you to access deeper realms of your Soul:

Soul Healing

Connecting with your Mentors

Soul pathways explored

Past gifts, ancestral powers remembered

Divine Destiny as a consciousness through dimensions, times here on this planet and others: how can you continue your soul’s story now?

Receiving your soul’s name and building a relationship to your Higher Self

And more 🙌🏽

Register now for the PreLaunch / Early Bird Price !!


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