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Self to Others: Energy Fields + How this Planet works right now

We talk a lot about shadows, but what we need to see is the mechanics of how the world works. Sometimes we think we need to heal that shadow but we did already and oh why is it back when it’s literally just how birth or death happens. Or a loop, or how the fractal continues its dance. It’s not always personal. It’s not always a reflection of our own healing. One thing that helped me was to connect to « masters » on Earth, who we might think are this wisdom beyond ages, but they still got triggered, it still hit a nerve, or they carried doubts. It’s the time spent re-conducting the energy, accessing the inner self, practicing neutrality and discernment while following the flow that makes them « masters ».

Babe, no matter how many Reiki sessions, you’ll still be triggered at 70. Maybe for a millisecond, maybe for a while 5 minutes. And it’s ok. No judgement.

It really has to do with the collective field we’re in. This Earth: it’s a Matrix, it’s a game, it’s a simulation. No matter how open your third eye is, you’re still on the planet. The game is still playing around you. Depending on your sleep or your food intake, you’re more likely or less likely to be triggered. Don’t let the general talk here entice you and chain you to other people’s services forever. Learn, accept. In this day and age of manifestation and we think we can control everything or are responsible for manifesting everything in our life, let’s remember how paradoxical everything is. You have the power to create - but not everything created was made by you. So let’s learn the energetics of the Earth, of a collective, of the human. Learn the code behind the game by studying, expressing, exchanging. But don’t shame or judge yourself. Those two are huge distractions keeping you away from real growth. From seeing the world does not revolve around you. (Sorry) Sorry if it’s blunt, I’m mostly talking to my own self, to my ego, to my soul. Select your frequency, learn its harmony, and flow with what it creates in your life. I have to say one thing: we do not know how the game works, how the energy works. It’s difficult to be like: ok, so what? How do I overcome this? Some truths are universal, and they can be studied through books like a Course in Miracles, and Don't just sit there! - a book by Biet Simkin.

Some will be deeply personal. You can heal, but you have your own circuit of energy (systems like Astro, Human Design and Gene Keys help you understand your field) and energy must run its course no matter what. Which is why I say select the frequency. Understand your circuitry and practice the frequency within the circuitry that works for you and your values. Even in my work w the chakras and transpersonal chakras, we know there’s a line of vortices, and some carrefours here and there, but each person has a unique field. A unique series of additional points. Know Thyself. Truly. Know you. Know the world. Learn. Discuss. Elevate. Even if it doesn’t make sense, share your reflection. This, here, spirituality is viewed from a human perspective + ego, it’s paradoxical. We don’t get it. I know Internet isn’t the safest place to share ideas because it can backfire so everyone reading, let’s be open, let’s witness each other with respect, and share!

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