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Since December 2019, I've been collecting archetypes:

Every Tuesday, I offered healing ceremonies with prompts: either an animal, a chakra or a tarot card and giving the Reiki that is assigned to its energy to the group who subscribed to Weekly Reiki / Energy Conscious:

Archetypes are incredibly potent: they have been universal themes since the birth of time: our ancestors share the same ideas in their psyche, subconscious and energy fields about those themes as we do now.

Athena will always represent the fierce and wise feminine aspects within us. As the Jaguar will be the silent hunter, who lives solitary and king in the middle of the jungle.

When I open a ceremony, I let the energy seep around me and my subscribers' energy field: our auras shape shift to taste a new energy and see the world through another perspective for the time of the ceremony until we come back safely into our room.

Those sessions are available for you now: for free on Youtube:

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