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The Aura

The Aura

220,00 €Preis

The entire body of work and energy healing sessions for each of the seven chakras, each of the seven transpersonal chakras (full day / week retreats) and specific energy tools and teachings like protection, energy cleanse and the magnifying of the layers of the aura: 

all to help you build a radiant and vibrant healthy life in pair with your life force. 


Included: Eight Chakra Healing Programs 

- The Crown Chakra

- The Third Eye Chakra 

- The Throat Chakra

- The Heart Chakra

- The Solar Plexus Chakra

- The Sacral Chakra

- The Root Chakra

- The Spleen Chakra


The Seven Transpersonal Chakras Activation Workshops: 

- The Stellar Gateway Chakra

- The Soul Star Chakra

- The Causal Chakra 

- The Zeal Chakra

- The Thymus Chakra

- The Navel Chakra

- The Earth Star Chakra 


And the Full Circle Entire 16 Chakra Energy Cleanse!


(This offering was previously called Panta Rhei School). 


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