Anchor: Soul Archeology Ebook
  • Anchor: Soul Archeology Ebook


    The one year anniversary of my first ebook is here: the Chiron asteroid signify healing within our psyche, and self: what does it mean? 


    Anchor is not only an ebook, it’s a class made workbook aka you get tools and spaces for you to explore the theme within channeling the Akashic Records, your own astrological chart, your Human Design chart and many more.


    I’ve filled it with goodies: writing prompts, drawing spheres - explore this, dig that, print this, where is your birth chart, what does it mean for you? 


    The minute it’s yours, it adopts a new life, and a new content. 


    It’s a lexicon of practical tools to shift mindset, and empower you through life.

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