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The Mary Magdalene Project

Spent years travelling and studying our Left-hand Christ figure, Mary Magdalene is the feminine Christ Consciousness, don't believe me? Meet her: here is the result of my work:

1) Meeting Mary Magdalene (Her Life after Jesus in South of France + Her Gospel)

2) The Real Mary Magdalene from the Scriptures to Apostles of Apostles / Miriam of Magdala

3) The Mysteries of Mary Magdalene

Please note this is a work in progress. There’s so much to uncover and I plan on sharing that journey for the rest of my life.

4) Coming soon, be sure to subscribe to my youtube!

This work took me on a tangent with the cult of the Black Madonna

My one year pilgrimage: The Black Madonna Cult in France + Energy Healing + Light Language

Summer Solstice in Gothic Cathedral, France Travel + Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Black Madonna ⚡️

Meeting the Cosmic Mother by way of the Navel Chakra:


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