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The energy of names


When we get married and we take on someone’s surname, we change our energy, our identity shifts from you to you as other.

When we access the Akashic Records, when we do Reiki, we need, we ask for the maiden name.

I’m definitely not taking anyone’s name, even though my family name gets me jokes all the time.

Last night I cleared the energy around my name wherever it is in the world.

The bad energy that was inherited from others was so harsh but it’s now gone. (I have been laughed at for my name since forever)

Yes, you can do that.

I feel clear, transparent. My name and energy is mine to decide, I’d rather be transparent than be understood through the projected images created by others.

Try sensing what’s surrounding your name energetically.

Tell me what’s happening.

Energy healing, visualizing your name instead of someone’s body. And then clearing how we learned through the school. Intentions to be just cleansed, this isn’t witchcraft or a spell to conjure success or whatever: we are just clearing what doesn’t belong to you.

I organise name cleanses with the help of Reiki: register!

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