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Summer School Invitation:

Hello! I'm inviting you to my Reiki class & workshops through Summer School:

I teach everything I know about the human energy field, auras, healing, channeling, sensing.

I offer you healing, guidance and a safe space to explore the spiritual realm.

Energy healing is not only *reiki*.

It’s a philosophy of the heart, of harmonizing the within, and see it ripple outside your self.

A life where you listen, you know how to pace yourself, your reactions, your relationship to the world, as well as your health.

A deep communion with the natural world and what makes us connect to one another.

I’m so thankful for choosing to learn this modality 5 years ago, which was in the summer too.

So here is my invitation:

Come learn with me, and I hope you get to feel the world the way I do.

In the present, in your heart, in choosing to understand yourself and trust yourself.

This is a subscription. A members only access for 33/a month.

My school is a self-study. The program is created, at your disposal, at your own rhythm. Join now & receive all the healing you need, learn all you want & cancel when needed.


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