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Our Luminaries

In December I wrote those words to accompany the work I had created for Summer Sol & Winter Sol Events.

Spoken magic: words uttered are the first path to manifestation,

If you think of starting my energy techniques, review those words and try them out in your own voice:

By Capucine F


I open my self to the very essence to what gives us life, to the light that cast shadows,

To the sun and its warmth

I open myself to be seen to be energized to be vitalized

In the painting you create, I see the light, and I open myself to the shadows

I know that our rotation and turns will make them shifts, elongate or grow smaller,

I open myself to see the painting in all its glory

And that I may be propelled forward into action, into integrating the painting that I am.

Thank you


Dear Moon,

I open myself now to receive the light

That you reflect

I open myself to see within me the reflection of your own refraction

To see the indirect light of the Sun passing through your vessel your wisdom

To connect deeper in to my being

Allow me to trust

Allow me to be

Allow me to see

In you I see the mirror,

The mirror I pick out all my worst habits, my worst aspects, my cravings, my ambitions

I’m not here to ask anything of you but to witness

To welcome in more love, more self love, to see the reflection,

The core of my humanness, the wings of my soul and my divine energy

I’m whole,

I’m growing

I’m flowing.

And all that I am, I learn to love it

Thank you.

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