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Our Book Club 📖 Reading the Prism of Lyra / Learning more about Galactic History with Sarah Meien

Today's the day, Our Book Club with

@thelunarjungle @sarahmeien came out - we discuss Lyssa Royal-Holt & Keith Priest's Prism of Lyra. It's an interesting take on Galactic History, watch to find out more.

I'm so blessed to continue having amazing conversations with Sarah & sharing them with you.

Here is our first ever collaboration:

Andromeda, Light Language, Healing Frequencies and Starseeds

Followed by an artistic workshop with the Akashic Records:

Channel your artist self with the Akashic Records

Finally, Our Book Club's first edition:

To all the Books we've ever read:

Watch with a smile how much we speak with our hands & join our conversation, we want to connect with you!

And now for our Prism of Lyra break down !

Connect with Sarah



The Lunar Jungle



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