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News, and announcements!

I'm here with a lot of news: the return of group healings, individual reiki sessions, my dreams for my School & my Youtube Channel:

The plan:

Continuing to take you with me to sacred places within you and in the world via my Youtube channel, monthly healing groups & expanding the library of classes in My School: come learn by joining my tiers, retweeting or subscribing today!

The first tier:

Supporting my continuation of the Youtube channel free content & access to unpublished exclusive videos, including the Protection Ritual.

Thank you so much for your support!

The second tier: Group Healings, every month

The next group healing in on June 6th:

We are cleansing and getting ready for the Solstice at the end of the month.

The last tier: Healing arts School

Access to it all: The group healings, the Reiki School program, all my workshops and chakra programs.

Explore what is in my School:

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