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So we talked about money yesterday in my reiki school, how we are giving up the storyline of lack, of being in stress, of not knowing if we’ll make it - this is hard, we have attachments to it.

Make yourself a ritual today where you shake that self off, where you sing it new ways to find serenity, where the game isn’t « are we gonna make it this month?» but « what does it taste like to feel serene / supported » .

Add reiki to it (solar plexus)

Use the symbol I gave you in day 40 (that’s for my reiki school students - join here

Feel the energy of money, it’s just a flowing energy, an abstract thing called abundance or lack - you got feel its frequency without attaching shame and guilt to it.

Create your own story of having and using money attached tp your values - having money doesn’t suddenly make you into an arrogant wolf of wall street assh*le, you can support and help your loved ones, get yourself a nice vacation, sign up for educational programs.


I deserve to feel serene about money

I am supported

I am safe

Pass on the word, this might light up a recognition in many people.

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