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Letting your self-expression bloom with channeling Light Language

If you have watched one of my Light Language videos and felt something deep within, this initiation is for you.

Light language is the channeling within and expression through your body (words, dance, art, et ) of sacred wisdoms. When it goes through you, it’s an immense sense of connection to your deepest core, an attunement to the pulse of Life, a clearing of what’s not yours to carry. And its dispersion to others is the healing of our collective self and the Earth, as well as a true connection and communication to your environment.

In a series of four live calls, our group will go through initiations and healing to your throat chakra, and all the implications that don’t allow you to express yourself to your fullest.

Expect liberation from the past, a new assurance, a burst of creativity, and a connection to light language that is your own to explore.

We have open registration on Mercurious Arts & Divination, Denisse’s School - we start the class on July 13, an hour every Wednesday until August 3rd (timezone is 9am LA, 12pm New York, 6pm Paris). Replays will be sent after each session if you can’t make it.


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