Healing Clinics in Ancient Greece & Turkey: Temple of the Serpent God Aesclepius

From August 2019:

On Tuesday, I visited the temple of Aesclepion, a healing center from the Antiquity linked to 13th zodiac sign #Aesclepius.⁣

I’ll give you a full run down of what they did to heal others because it’s more advanced than 21st century traditional medicine. ⁣

It’s in Bergama, Turkey.⁣

I’m amazed, ok, first, you’d drink the sacred water and be conducted to induction room, where you’d sleep.⁣

Once you wake up, priests would collect your dream memories and based on them. (!!!) Psychotherapy is older than we think! ⁣

They’d give you mud baths, hot and cold treatments, make you dance with music, or sports.⁣

Walk therapy was a thing, you’d walk in procession with the other patiens amongst the columns.⁣

Medecine, medecine, medecine.⁣

If Aesclepius doesn’t ring a bell: he is identified as Ophiucus the 13th sign of the zodiac, running from November 30 - December 17.⁣

Who’s an Ophiucus/Aesclepius?⁣

Taking the (multidimensional) guide thing literally today. ⁣

Soul / Aura Tours starting tomorrow at... 😂⁣

While I photographed everywhere this week, I realized the kismet thing of the Universe making me a professional photographer for years.⁣

This art making practice gave me such a relation to time, space and depth. ⁣

When I am in the world, I see and capture light, foreground, background, elements to the minute.⁣

Now that I’m only dedicated to my sacred calling of facilitating soul explorations for others with Reiki. ⁣

My clearsentience is almost like a photographer, I see your aura, I feel the space, the movements and capture it for a portrait.⁣

The « mission » is different, yet the making of an aura portrait and a Reiki cleanse is very much like my campaigns and photoshoots.⁣

Kudos to the Universe, my path was divine all this time, I was guided even though it didn’t seem like it.⁣

You are guided right now, and you’ve always been guided to this moment now. ⁣

Feel it in your heart.⁣

Your guiding team is up here with you, at all times. ⁣

You are not alone.

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