Heal your Back: Immersion in March

Let's be honest, we getting old.

I started having back pains in July 2019: I was riding a motorbike on highways for a roadtrip.

I couldn't lift up my head, and get up for a few days.

This transformed into chronic neck pain and shoulder blades discomfort. I went to see a few specialist of different modalities. I even had a vertebrae re-aligned (the first one, underneath the skull: the Atlas with the Atlas Profilax method - highly recommend).

But no luck, life continues to be painful.

I'm a Reiki Master Teacher, so I do spend time weeks in, weeks out, trying new frequencies, new shadow integrations, new searches to find relief, answers. Up until the point I forget, disappointed, and give up.

But no more - in March I'm taking you with me to consult the book Heal your Back by David Borenstein & do energy work every Monday for 3 weeks.

I'm super excited, are you?

Check our program & register: here.

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