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Eyes Open: Scorpio season mini series

or this season, which is my Sun sign season, I compiled very raw and in-depth research and healing of the psyche and the beating heart:

This month in my Eyes Closed podcast we interviewed the Akashic Records + we talked about Courage and Bravery in the shape of transformation + gave Reiki healing for our shadows to come closer to our consciousness.

Akashic Records exchange between I and the Records

The questions:

How do you guarantee a balance between the conscious & the unconscious ?

How can I catch myself when entering the tunnel of an automatic response?

Is it possible to be healed entirely?

Will the trigger still be a trigger?

The past few weeks: insomnia, what is going on?

Reiki is a forgotten art of humanity / and transcending the physical body, we know about astral travelling, past lives etc - is there something under the radar you can give us?



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