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Entering my 5th year of service

Good morning,

How are you?

I’m gonna go straight to the point, it’s the time of the independent Virgo archetype and I’m here to offer my (new) services.

I’m entering the 5th year of my business with a lot learned, a lot planned, and a whole lot of gratitude for everyone who joined my journey, as well as the courage of my younger self leaving the freelance photography industry to tell her own story after years of helping other businesses and magazines tell their own stories.

Thank you for trusting me & elevating me.

New prices, new currency, new discounts

I’ve been feeling like lowering my prices at this time of inflation.

They might shift again. But I’m trying this, as I’m here to help you navigate this new chapter.

Energy healing, 1:1 mentoring, channeling sessions, as well as my School membership fees are all 20% cheaper.

The currency is now in Euros.

The value of those services stays the same.

Light Language Transmission

I have a new service!

One of my favorite feeling is to have something to hold that guarantees an experience I’m familiar with, something at the tip of my fingers & that’s why I thought of offering the same to you: Light Language transmission is a personal instantaneous activation for you? recorded as I channel and translate your Highest Self.

To be listened to for vitality, clarity, inner alignment and more.

I’ll be channeling your highest energy and recording it as I’ve been doing for the collective on Youtube for years now. You’ll have an audio file that will work for you anytime of the day, to get you to the clearest and readiest of frequency.

Collect points!

I’m trying something new! My website now has a Loyalty Program, every time you invest in my services you earn points and those give you discounts!

I really enjoy working with returning faces and so I jumped with glee when my server started offering this!

The future of School

School becomes Panta Rhei School.

A year ago I launched School as a Netflix-like platform with hours of self-study content, videos classes, workshops, healing programs.

In December I re-recorded a new Energy healing class to get away from Western Reiki and teach & resonate with universality.

It’s now September and I keep on building this online space aced towards creating a safe space, a living community:

I’m preparing new offerings for School

New meditations, monthly Zoom events for ceremonies, a new server for community and discussions, a new organisation!

I’m creating my dream online space for research and experiencing the divine. It’s called Panta Rhei School.

Panta Rhei has been my recurring mantra for years. It means « everything is flowing », which helps soothe my anxieties of this ever changing world.

The subtle reality is a dance of life, a movement that will not stop.

Panta Rhei is available to you for 34 euros a month.

You can leave whenever you want.

For those who are already members, your fees are now 20% less than they used to be.

Take care of your self,


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