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How I fast and its results: the Birth day fast:

I’m trying this, today, fasting on the day of my birth - Thursday.

Source : KNeferhetep


Today I feel energized, inspired, on fire even! (Thursday is ruled by Jupiter).



« Thursday tribe are magicians, moving the world around us through thoughts and words. Let them teach us how to pray. Spells and incantations and amulets.The mystery is the tie between their magic and destiny. »

Every few 30 minutes I stretch, bend, do mini kundalini yoga kriyas, I’m loving this. It’s feeding me energetically.

This isn’t my first rodeo with fasting, I usually get headaches and a lot of physical discomfort when I do which makes me give up after a few hours.

If you know me, you know my fast metabolism makes me eat a lot and very often.

We are in the last quarter of the Ramadan. So the country is fasting with me, it feels less difficult.

I fasted until 3pm, when I started to feel dizzy. These hours from last night to 3pm were really incredible!

Thank you for the tip @thejovegoddess & @

Now discernment, I followed this guidance, took a lot from it - but didn’t do the whole day because my body showed it needed it.

Again, I have a fast metabolism, I got all the inspiration needed for the upcoming week, and once the magic was done, I stopped fasting.

Once I ate, I had a one hour rehabilitation that was a bit difficult to handle. Take care of yourself if you are doing this! Listen to you, and you only.

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