A new level of depth: Genetic Healing

I've come out of the modality creating closet.

Yes, I channeled a new way to send you frequencies, I've been testing it for months, on me and others, and I've now put it to the public to come and try it: here it goes:

I channeled an entire new modality, and it allows you to heal your genes' energetical weight and frequency.

Yes, it works.

Come get yourself your genetic grid :)

I was deadly afraid to share it, purely channeled from cosmos, and not validated by any "teacher". But I'm a teacher myself, I trust my soul's research, tests, experiments and healing.

I have been working with new frequencies to attain the cellular level and the genetic level of what your body (energy body, light body and physical body) holds onto.

My new service has been tested, and approved with amazing results:

This is a session based on your Gene Keys profile make sure to add all the details of your birth (day hour and location), so I can prepare and record your session well.

What to expect: an activation in the safe container of your Earth and Sun, a heart expansion, feelings of being connected, understood, integral, ready to re-align towards your loving awareness, healed in deep deep ways that stay with you for weeks.

You can book multiple sessions to address the other part of your Gene Key profile with my energy conscious protocol.

1) Activation Sequence

2) Venus Sequence

3) Pearl Sequence

4) The Flower of Life

Book yours now: