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© 2018 Multidimensional Guide - Capucine F

Multidimensional Guides / Reiki School + Attunements 

Join the Reiki field & learn energy mastery

By the end of the month, you will have learned how to clear your body’s magnetic fields, how to welcome others’ energetic reality and help them with Reiki. 

Once you are attuned, you will learn presence, intentions and consent when addressing the energy of the day, spaces, animals, the construct of time. You are attuned and taught remote energy healing. 

Discover your essence’s energy and the essence of the world, evolving into conscious living and radiant connection. 

Reiki Attunement Ceremony from Level 1 to Master
Daily video lectures
Ressources for quantum reality and reiki experiments
Accountability for daily practice
Community to exchange with
My presence, support and confidence for a month

Register before December 1st

Cost: 77,77£ 


All sales are final and non-refundables

In this past month of teaching Reiki, we’ve covered:


energy clearing, for the self, for others - physically and remotely,


for animals, plants, spaces, within the construct of time, past present and future.


This is a training within a Facebook group community with daily classes on video to further your training with integrating practice.



Join us for the next attunement ceremony