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© 2018 Multidimensional Guide - Capucine F

As a Scorpio, I’ve always been solely interested in the depth - of human beings, of actions, of feelings, of history. 


Paired with my Sagittarius stellium, I organize travel itineraries around discovery of the truth. 


This space is a temple for self exploration. We relate to time, life and this planet on a wider scale. 


Together let’s explore the quantum energy field and its metaphysical workings.

Past lives, self-healing, channeling, energy medicine - we connect to the truth and what keeps us aligned with our values and our planet.


You can lose yourself on the blog, listen to my podcast Eyes Closed interviewing  professionals and passionate people in the movement of raising consciousness - as well as my own fascination for different episodes of my journey. 


One on one appointments are my favorite way to connect with you: I am a Reiki Master, I practice energy medicine remotely for clients internationally. 


Together we play and dedicate a piece of consciousness to grow beyond the matrix.

If your goal is to stimulate life advancements through introspection & clarity, connect with me for: 

- energy healing with Reiki, energy medicine and aura portraits

- comprehensive revelation and illumination of unconscious patterns to bring forth presence and self-acceptance

- strategic tools to embody your truth in this world


Our session together explores multidimensional healing, (physical, mental, emotional and etheric)

with Reiki, Astrology, Human Design, 

Gene Keys, Astro Geography, 

the Akashic Records, 

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) &

CBT coaching (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coaching).

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About Capucine

In the past I was a french photographer, a journalist, a writer.

Born in Germany, bred in France and England, I now live on my own in Istanbul, Turkey between the seas and olive trees.




I tell stories that with time, need more space and time, reflection and inner truth than they used to.


I healed my self from all my antics and learned behaviors. I still lick my wounds and get up when I fall on the ground. 


This work is my sacred calling. I trust my entirety with the Universe.